Website Guide

The main content of this website is divided into three areas: the period from Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor to the end of the start of the Second World War (January 1933-September 1939), the period spanning the early war years (September 1939-December 1942) and the final two years of the war which saw all German stamps bearing the legend “Grossdeutsches Reich”, or the “Greater German Reich”. These three sections are subdivided further by year to make navigation easier and the menu less cluttered.

Within each of these smaller sub-sections you will find individual links to each issue, from individual commemoratives and/or minature sheets through to complete sets. Each page will provide the key details – date of release, colour, value, dimensions – as well as background information on the issue and, in most cases, on any featured subjects. These details will be informative but not exhaustive; for those in need of more specific information concerning printing variations, errors and the like I have provided the page(s) in the Michel specialist catalogue where this can be located.

Each summary will be accompanied by a small thumbnail image of each stamp, which when clicked will provide a larger photograph in a lightbox popup – which can then be used to flick through the different stamps in any given set. Unless otherwise stated, all of the photographs will be from my own collection that I have built up over a number of years.