1933 was to see the issuing of a fifty-two stamps, including the second run of the famous Hindenburg “Medallions” and what is probably one of the most sought-after Third Reich issues – the set of eight stamps featuring the operas of Richard Wagner.

12th April 1933, Eröffnungssitzung des neuen Reichstages (Opening of the new Reichstag)
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Three values: 6Rpf., 12Rpf., 25Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 479-481)

April-August 1933, Paul von Hindenburg Medaillon II (“Waffle” watermark)
Dauermarken (Definitives)
Fourteen values: 3Rpf., 4Rpf., 6Rpf., 8Rpf., 10Rpf., 12Rpf., 15Rpf., 20Rpf., 30Rpf., 40Rpf., 50Rpf., 60Rpf., 80Rpf., 100Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 482-495)

25th September 1933, Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin, Fahrt zur Weltausstellung in Chicago (Zeppelin flight, World Exhibition Chicago)
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Three values: 1RM, 2RM, 4RM (Mi. Nr. 496-498)

1st November 1933, Winterhilfswerke (Winter Relief Fund) – Werke von Richard Wagner (The works of Richard Wagner)
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Eight values: 3+2Rpf., 4+2Rpf., 5+2Rpf., 6+4Rpf., 8+4Rpf., 12+3Rpf., 20+10Rpf., 25+15Rpf., 40+35Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 499-507)

29th November 1933, Briefmarkenblock 10. Jahre Winterhilfswerk (10th Anniversary of the Winter Relief Fund) 1923-1933
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Four values: 5+15Rpf., 10+30Rpf., 20+60Rpf., 50+150Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 508-511) + Miniature Sheet (Mi. Block Nr. 2)

4th December 1933, Paul von Hindenburg Medaillon III (“Hakenkreuz” watermark)
Dauermarken (Definitives)
One value: 1Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 512)

4th December 1933, Dienstmarken (Officials) Strohhut (“Straw Hat”)
Dienstmarken (Officials)
Two values: 4Rpf., 10Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 130-131)

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