Thirty-seven stamps were issued in 1938, though once again it was a relatively quiet year with eleven of this issued being simply official stamps (Dienstmarken). Among the notable issues were the pair of similar-looking but differently-sized stamps printed to mark the union between German and Austria, with one being printed in Berlin and the other in Vienna.

26th January 1938, Dienstmarken (Officials), Eagle on podium (“Adler auf Sockel”)
Dienstmarken (Officials)
Eleven values: 1Rpf., 3Rpf., 4Rpf., 5Rpf., 6Rpf., 8Rpf., 12Rpf., 16Rpf., 24Rpf., 30Rpf., 40Rpf. (Mi. Ni. 144-154)

28th January 1938, 5th Anniversary of the Nazi seizure of power (“Machtegreifung”)
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Two values: 6Rpf., 12Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 660-661)

8th April 1938, Austrian Plebiscite (“Volksabstimmung in Österreich”)
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
One value, two printings: 6Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 662 Berlin, 663 Wien)

13th April 1938, 49th Birthday of Adolf Hitler
Sondermarke (Commemorative)
One value: 12+38Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 664)

21st June 1938, German Gymnastics and Sport Festival in Breslau
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Four values: 3Rpf., 6Rpf., 12Rpf., 15Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 665-668)

5th July 1938, 100th Anniversary of the birth of Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin
Flugpostmarken (Air Mail)
Two values: 25Rpf., 50Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 669-670)

20th July 1938, 5th Running of the “Braune Band” (Brown Riband), München-Riem
Sondermarke (Commemorative)
One value: 42+108Pf (Mi. Nr. 671)

1st September 1938, 10th Reich Party Day in Nürnberg
Sondermarke (Commemorative)
One value: 6+19Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 672)

9th October 1938, Opening of the Saarpfalz Theatre, Saarbrücken
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Two values: 6+4Rpf., 12+8Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 673-674)

18th November 1938, Winterhilfswerke (Winter Relief Fund) – Eastern (Austrian) landscapes and flowers
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Nine values: 3+2Rpf., 4+3Rpf., 5+3Rpf., 6+4Rpf., 8+4Rpf., 12+6Rpf., 15+10Rpf., 25+15Rpf., 40Rpf+35. (Mi. Nr. 675-683)

2nd December 1938, Sudetenland Plebiscite
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Two values: 6+4Rpf., 12+8Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 684-685)