The final year and dying months of the Nazi regime saw only four stamps issued, though when the government fell in May 1945 two further items had been designed and planned. The final issue was a hopeful look at both the present and the past: a Waffen-SS trooper and his predecessor of two decades earlier, and SA Stormtrooper.

6th January 1945, 600. Jahrestag der Verleihung der Stadtrechte an Oldenburg (600th Anniversary of the freedom of the city of Oldenburg)
Sondermarke (Commemorative)
One value: 6+14Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 907)

February 1945, Volkssturm (Peoples Defence)
Sondermarke (Commemorative)
One value: 12+8Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 908)

20th April 1945, Parteiformationen SA und SS (Party Formations SA and SS)
Sondermarken (Commemoratives)
Two values: 12+38Rpf., 12+38Rpf. (Mi. Nr. 909-910)